Dawn in the Valley

Dawn in the Valley

→ Jaesu, PG
→ Angst, Romance, Oneshot
→ 3,086 w. O_O

Junsu is scared of the Monsters, thinks his voice is ugly and ends up jumping. Jaejoong ends up saving him.

A/N: For in_vazn, prompt table #05, 07. Poppy-Imagination, Oblivion, Eternal Sleep.

This has no graphic scenes and contains only minor swearing. :)), typos are most likely to be there, feel free to poiiint them out! ^_^

for boojaesubabe because mari made me love JaeSu first. :3

"Aren't you going to ask me my name?"

"The minute you tell me your name, I'm involved whether you like it or not," Jaejoong took another deep drag, watching the boy from the corner of his eyes.
Lip Pout Junsu (JYJ)

[fic] End of the Line (PG) Hosu

Title: End of the Line (PG) Hosu
Pairings: Hosu (main), Yunjae, Jaesu, hints of others
Rating: PG
Genre: General, angst, romance.
Length: Oneshot. 6291 words.
Summary: Yunho is tired of waiting. One day, he meets Junsu.
A/N: For in_vazn, prompt table #2, claim Junsu, 03. White Lily – Purity.

( Yunho hates the subway. He hates the crowds that shuffle their feet quickly, quickly, quickly, pushing against each other in their haste to get off the train, all of them pretending that someone somewhere is waiting for them, waiting for them to arrive. )
Lip Pout Junsu (JYJ)

[fic] Fairy Tales are True (PG-13) Yoosu

Title: Fairy Tales are True
Pairings: Yoosu (main), hints of others (Hosu, Minsu, Jaesu, Jaechun), lots of friendship. :)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: So fluffy it hurts. XD
Length: Oneshot. 3044 words.
Summary: Yoochun believes in love at first sight. Junsu doesn't.
Warnings: Mild swearing. Cheesy invasion.
A/N: For in_vazn, prompt table #5: 01 chrysanthemums (red) - I love you as well as this. Written for tvxqluvv, the Yoo to my Su.

( If Yoochun were to be honest, he would have said he believed in fate, love at first sight, forever, written in the stars, sparks, fairies, and magic. But he's not. )

[mod post] we are undergoing change

important announcements

1) I have made the necessary changes to make this community more related to SM ENTERTAINMENT rather than solely TVXQ. The layout is a plain and simple one from onew, and I have changed things to make this place more open for all SME fiction. With this change, the community will now be open for TVXQ, SHINee, SNSD, HOT, Jang Ri In, etc. fiction. Please accept this new fact without bashing.

2) Because of these changes, try to pimp this place out among non-TVXQ communities. *wiggles eyebrows* New members would be most appreciated.

3) Along the same lines as before, this will be a prompt table challenge community. For fun though, we might have a monthly contest. Something interactive that might inspire some community action so the comm doesn't die again.

4) THE CLAIMS POST has been cleared. If you happen to have claimed something, and you still want to continue it, please go and reclaim your subject. If you are prompted to claim something, please feel free to do so!

5) I will be making pimp graphics and might edit the layout a bit to add some color here. Since I'm on a different computer, there are no SME graphics now. I don't have good SMTown pics to use anyway. If you can donate some pictures of SMTown, I would appreciate it. :D

6) Any suggestions? Comment here, please.

Enjoy guys, let's try to not keep this place dead this time xD

it's been a while

So, here's the deal:
in_vazn has, for the most part, died. I, as a mod, didn't really try to do anything to help the situation since, as some of you may know, I too kind of died. I honestly just got too busy with life to deal with lj.

But anyway, to the point, I am willing to keep this community going, but only if people within the comm are willing to participate. If necessary, we could do a complete remodel of the comm so it can come back to life. I would be willing since I have time now. But I would rather take some time beforehand to test if this community can have an active future.

I kind of liked the idea of a relaxed, prompt table fic comm, but for the most part, these sorts of comms fizzle out easily.

Which brings me to my point...Any suggestions for the comm?
My first thought was to expand the interests of in_vazn to include Asian fandom in general (that was actually the original idea of the comm), but that includes such a large range of fandom. So perhaps we can make in_vazn an SME fic comm? Make new challenges? Kill in_vazn?

Or, actually, if you have any sort of interest in this community, please comment.

If there are no comments within the next week or so, I'll make a hiatus post and we'll end activity here for a while. For now, I want to see if there is any interest.

As for people that have unfinished claims. Well, I'll leave you there for now, until I figure out what's going on.


searching for banner maker~

Since I have either contracted or am close to contracting carpal tunnel syndrome, i will not be able to make banners. For now, anyone who finishes their table will not be able to have a banner made.

If someone would like to take the responsibility of making banners, feel free to tell me.

From your very MIA mod :/,


I'm back, yo. :) Thank you onew for being kind enough to take over.

The original claims and archives posts are now where you should go. I've deleted the temporary claims post but will keep the other archive post because onew made such prettilicious banners. haha.

I'm completely incompetent with the banner-making though. BECAUSE. UH. PHOTOSHOP IS FAILING ME ATM. But if you guys don't mind waiting... :)

I left someone without a banner. And said user is still waiting. SORRY *bows* I fail. Hard.